Best Books On Arts & Crafts

If you want to take your arts and crafts skills to the next level then you can get yourself a book full of lots of helpful advice, tips and tricks.

Arts and crafts books are also great if you want to learn a new skill and you’re not quite sure where to start. 

But what are the best arts and crafts books you can get? Which ones are the most informative?

We have put together this list of the best books on arts and crafts to help give you some inspiration. Keep reading to find out more. 

Product Reviews

Here are our recommendations for the best books on arts and crafts: 


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If you’re looking for a craft that doesn’t require lots of equipment and doesn’t make a lot of mess, perhaps you should try paper craft.

This book contains 40 ideas for paper crafts that can be achieved with a single piece of paper such as origami, quilling, stamping, stenciling, stretching and weaving.

You will learn how to make pop up cards, votive lights, wall hangings, envelopes and more. 

This book is really easy to follow. Each activity includes high quality photographs to show you what to do and what it should look like, along with detailed instructions.

It will also tell you exactly what tools you will need before you get started. 

You will be amazed at how many things you are able to make, even as a complete beginner.

The book features designs from some of the best contemporary artists of paper craft, and there’s lots of variety to keep it interesting. 


  • Photographs - Each activity is accompanied by instructional photographs 
  • Instructions - The instructions are clear and easy to follow
  • Variety - There is a good variety of activities to try 


  • Experience - Some experienced paper crafters found that didn’t learn much from the book, so it is better for beginners 
  • Kindle - The kindle format of the book is difficult to read due to the layout 


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If you need some inspiration for craft activities to do with your children then this book is ideal.

It includes an impressive 200 activities that are child friendly and really fun, so you can keep your kids entertained for hours.

There are activities for every part of the year - summer, back to school, Christmas and more. 

With this book you will be able to supervise your children as they learn how to work with clay, how to paint, how to make thumb stamps, how to use pipe cleaners to create shapes and much more.

It is ideal for encouraging creativity and also helps to develop fine motor skills. 

If you have children of different ages then you will be able to find activities that they will all love.

Younger children will need to be carefully supervised, but this gives you a great opportunity to spend time as a family. 


  • Content - The book contains 200 craft ideas
  • Versatile - The activities are suitable for children of all ages 
  • Exciting - The activities are fun and exciting and use different materials and techniques 


  • Age - As the book caters for children of all ages, some of the activities are too difficult for younger children 


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This book is perfect for budding flower arrangers.

It takes you through 10 techniques that you can use to arrange flowers, and then shows you 20 different bouquet arrangements that you can make using those 10 techniques. 

The colorful photographs are beautiful and are accompanied by clear instructions that are easy to follow. 

This book aims to simplify flower arranging to make it an accessible craft that anyone can enjoy.

You will be amazed at the intricate and stunning bouquets you will be able to create with the help of this book.

You will learn about how to combine colors and textures, how to repurpose household items as containers, how to lengthen the life of flowers even after they have begun to wilt, and how to use tape and rubber bands to create your designs without them actually being seen. 


  • Simple - This book simplifies flower arranging and makes it accessible 
  • Photographs - The photography is beautiful and helps to explain what to do 
  • Inspiration - As well as teaching you skills, it will also inspire you with designs and ideas 


  • Experience - If you are already an experienced flower arranger then you may not be able to learn much from this book 


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This is a craft book that is suitable for the whole family and good for the planet.

It shows you how to make fun and interesting craft projects out of items that you already have in your home like paper rolls, egg cartons, and newspapers.

You will learn how to make masks, hats, desk organizers, puzzles and much more. 

The activities in this book are suitable for children to complete with supervision, but are also fun for adults.

They are the perfect crafts to complete as a family.

They are budget friendly as you don’t need to buy lots of craft equipment - you can use items that you already have in the house. 


  • Eco-friendly - The activities in this book use recycled materials 
  • Family friendly - The activities are fun for children and adults to complete together
  • Budget friendly - You don’t need to buy lots of equipment 


  • Kindle - If you use the kindle version of this book then there is no way to use the cut outs 


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This book will teach you how to create geometric shapes out of string by winding it around nail heads.

Not only will it show you how to create the different shapes, it will also explain the geometry around it to help you develop a better understanding of string art as a craft.

The pictures are beautiful and informative, helping to demonstrate what you need to do. 


  • Informative - It gives you information on the theory behind the craft 
  • Instructional - It will teach you how to create different shapes
  • Visual - The photographs help to show you what to do


  • Patterns - Some customers found that the book didn’t contain as many patterns as they were hoping 


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This book is excellent value as it comes with some of the equipment you will need to make your folk art embroidery projects including a bamboo hoop, embroidery needles, embroidery floss, iron on transfers, and cloth.

The book has clear instructions with photographs to help you understand what you need to do at each step.

There are 10 different patterns to choose from, with options to customize the different patterns. 

Not only does this book develop your craft skills, it also expands your knowledge of different cultures.

It is ideal for adults but may also be suitable for children if they are carefully supervised. 


  • Equipment - The book comes with equipment for your craft
  • Photographs - The instructions are accompanied by photographs to help you understand what you need to do 
  • Culture - You can learn about different cultures while you develop your skills 


  • Patterns - There are only 10 patterns included in the book 


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Lots of people know how to embroider, knit, or arrange flowers - but how many people do you know that can bind books?

This book will teach you the lesser known skill of book binding and making beautiful handmade books.

You will learn how to make books that feature tassels, slipcases and popup pages. 

The activities get progressively more challenging as you make your way through the book, beginning with a simple accordion style book and moving on to various different forms of stitching to join the pages together.

The book also includes a gallery of high quality images displaying the work of over 60 different artists, giving you inspiration and showing examples of the different types of books that you can craft. 


  • Skill - The skill taught in this book is unusual and rare 
  • Challenging - The book gradually gets more challenging to help develop your craft
  • Gallery - There are plenty of beautiful, high quality photographs


  • Designs - the designs are beautiful but there is no design for a plain, simple book 


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Whether you are a seasoned quilt crafter or you are trying it out for the first time, you will be able to learn something from this book.

It is packed with exciting ideas, step by step tutorials, colorful galleries and useful bits of advice to help you become an excellent quilt maker. 

You will be able to practice your skills with various different projects included in this book.

You can als show off your skills to your family and friends by using the tutorials to create wonderful handmade gifts. 

One of the great things about this book is that it really encourages you to get creative.

The photographs that are included will help to spark your imagination so that you can come up with your own, unique ideas.


  • Experience - This book is ideal for beginners and experienced quilt makers 
  • Gallery - It contains plenty of beautiful photographs to inspire you 
  • Tutorials - The tutorials will help you to develop your skills through various beautiful projects


  • Zoomed in photographs - In order to include as much content as possible, some of the photographs show close ups of quilt projects and not the whole quilt 


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If you want to have a go at some different art projects but you’re lacking inspiration and not sure where to begin, this is the book for you.

It provides 52 prompts to start you off on a project, giving you the creative freedom to go with the flow and see where it takes you. It is a book of inspiration rather than instruction. 

This book is suitable for children and adults. It can be fun to do as a family as you can all start with the same prompt and see how different your final results are.

The different ideas will take you through various art mediums - drawing, painting, sculpting, paper cutting and more.

You are encouraged to experiment with the materials to see what works for you and how you feel you can best express yourself. 


  • Inspiration - This book will help to give you ideas for your artwork 
  • Accessible - It is suitable for children and adults
  • Varied - It contains lots of different activities using various materials 
  • Freedom - This book encourages creative freedom


  • Instruction - This book has very few instructions as it is designed to let you go with the flow 


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Stone painting is a simple but satisfying activity that uses simple tools and equipment to create impressive results.

Everyone can do it, and you don’t need to spend lots of money. All you need is stone, paint and paintbrushes.

This book gives you step by step instructions and colorful photographs to help you create wonderful stone paintings. 


  • Simple - Anyone can try it 
  • Budget friendly - The equipment isn’t expensive 
  • Family friendly - It is suitable for all ages


  • Patterns - Some of the patterns are difficult to recreate 

Best Books On Arts & Crafts Buying Guide

You have read about our recommendations for the best arts and crafts books- now you need to narrow down your choice and decide which one will work best for you.

Here are some things that you can consider to help you make your choice.

Best Books On Arts & Crafts

Age Range

You need to think about what age range the book is suitable for. Are you intending to do these craft activities with your family, including young children?

Or are you going to do them on your own or with other adults?

There are some great books on arts and crafts that are suitable for the whole family and others that are better for an adult age range. 


If you are a beginner in the craft that you are interested in then you will want a book that takes you through some easier activities, helping you to learn the basics of the techniques.

If you already have some experience with the craft then you would find this level of book boring, and you would be better off getting something that has more complex activities and can teach you something you don’t already know. 


When you learn a craft from a book rather than a video or an in-person demonstration, it is important that the photography is of a high standard.

The pictures need to show you exactly what you need to do and what it should look like. This could include directional cues, arrows and close ups.

It also helps your overall experience if the photography is eye-catching and interesting to look at. 


The instructions should be detailed and easy to follow. Each step needs to be explained in a language that is simple and straightforward.

Ideally, there will be tips and tricks to help you develop your skills as much as possible. 


A good arts and crafts book will have a variety of different activities for you to try.

This will make the book interesting and give it more longevity, as you may want to attempt each activity several times.

Even if the book covers only one type of craft, it can still include different activities and examples of various ways to use the techniques that you have learned. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Books Suitable For Beginners?

A lot of these books are suitable for beginners. However, you will need to check the details of individual books to make sure as some of the crafts are quite fiddly. 

Are These Books Suitable For Children? 

Some of these books are designed with children in mind, but an adult should still supervise the activities due to the use of scissors and glue etc.

Depending on the child, they may be able to attempt some activities from the other books as well but they are not all suitable for children due to complexity and dangerous tools. 

What If You Get Stuck On One Of The Activities? 

Learning craft from a book is different to learning in a class as you can’t ask a question if you get stuck.

If you find yourself struggling with a particular activity or concept then you can have a look online for some tutorial videos.

Sometimes, watching someone else do something will help you to understand it better. 


Whether you want to learn a brand new skill, or continue learning a craft that you are already experienced in, a book on arts and crafts can really help you.

They can also be great for spending time as a couple or a family, as it gives you some different ideas for activities you can do together. 

These books cover a range of topics and offer a variety of activities to keep you entertained, encourage your creativity, and develop your craft skills.

Annabel Buser