Best Paint For Candles And Soap

Do you want to paint your candles and soap and aren’t sure what paint you should use? Perhaps you have started a small business selling candles and soaps and you want to only use the best paint for them?

Or are you curious about painting candles and soaps and want to know more? No matter what your question is, we have the answer for you!

Finding the best paint to use on candles and soap can be tricky. There are so many on the market claiming to be the best, how do you cut through the noise and find out which one is the best?

The last thing you want to do is buy poor quality paint that doesn’t cover your candle, or worse, toxic paint that burns when the candle is lit or makes the soap user unwell! 

Confused, overwhelmed, and afraid of making your customers unwell, you start to wonder if you will ever find the best paint for candles and soap. 

Well, that is where we come in to save the day! Keep reading to see four of the best paint for candles and soap, along with a handy buyer’s guide and FAQ section that will walk you through the process of purchasing the best paint for candles and soap.

Let’s get straight into it and look at the best paint for candles and soap now!

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First up, we have this wonderful bundle of mica powders! You get 24 beautiful and vibrant mica powder pots that can be used for candles, soaps, and even cosmetics!

The versatility of mica powder is well known, and now you can use it in your crafts. 

Choose from the bumper 24 pack, a selection of pastels, earth colors, or bright tropical colors. No matter the colors you want, Rolio’s mica powders are sure to have the perfect option for you! 

The professional-grade pigment is super vibrant, you don’t need a lot of colors to create a bright paint!

Plus, you can achieve an opaque color on your candles and soap with one coat, so there is no time wasted waiting for coats to try! 

These powders are also safe to use in hand soaps, candles, artificial nails, and even cosmetics! Not only can you use them for your crafts now, but save them for any future crafting endeavors! 

We loved how easy the pigments were to use! Even if you have never used mica powder before, you are sure to get to grips with it easily.

And the spoon the powders come with makes it even easier to scoop out what you need and get cracking! 

The only downside is sometimes the powders can arrive in messy packaging. This is because some powder can escape the jars, so you might need to clean them before you can get cracking.

Providing you store each pot upright after use, though, you shouldn’t have this issue happen again!


  • Huge variety - will be a color to suit every taste and design 
  • Reasonably priced - suitable for most budgets 
  • Vibrant colors - won’t need to add multiple coats 
  • Easy to use - ideal for beginners and more experienced crafters alike


  • Some customers found the powders turned up with lots of excess powder on the outside 

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This four-pack of super shimmery mica powder is the perfect option for anyone that wants to create candles or paints with gradients of color! You can expect shimmery candles that are almost iridescent! 

You won’t need a lot of powder to paint your candles or soap either! A little goes a long way, meaning you can enjoy fantastic value for money.

What’s more, every angle you view the candle or soap at will has a different color, making them a wonderful talking piece. 

The mica powder used is non-toxic, and skin-safe, so you can use it in your candles and soap without worrying about making anyone unwell.

You can gift soap to your friends or family, or even sell it, knowing you won’t be causing anyone harm! Just make sure you label your soap to say it contains mica powder, just in case anyone has any allergies! 

While you get fantastic value for money with these color-shifting mica powders, you do only get four colors, and the jars aren’t filled to the top, which some customers did find disappointing.

For those that want a wider variety of colors, it is better to consider some of our other options today!


  • Shimmery colors - allow you to create candles and soap that sparkle! 
  • Safe to use - won’t make anyone unwell as they wash their hands 
  • Easy to apply - ideal for first-time mica powder users 
  • Affordable price - perfect for virtually any budget!


  • Only get four colors, so there isn’t a huge amount of variety


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If you are looking for easy-to-use paint for candles only, then these wax pens from Viva Decor are the perfect option for you!

The pack of six offers a good range of colors that allow you to create candle designs for every occasion! 

Instead of faffing about with a brush or other applicators, you can use the pen to apply the wax directly to the candle. You only need a light amount of pressure to do this and your designs will come to life!

As the pens are made from wax too, your designs will burn along with your candle. You won’t have any excess paint or wax to worry about or any extra clean-up! 

These pens are also safe for children to use! Why not get them involved in your craft on a rainy afternoon?

We found using these pens to create candle designs is a hit at kids' parties, plus the reasonable price of the pens makes it a cheap craft for you to organize too! 

The only downside is that these pens are only suitable for use with candles, so you would need to find separate paint for soap.

But if you only want to paint candles, this is a super easy-to-use and fun option to consider! 


  • Easy application - can use the pens to draw directly onto your candles 
  • Melts with the candles - make it easier for candles to burn without any extra mess to clean up
  • Safe for children to use - allows them to join in your craft with you!
  • Good color range - offers you plenty of variety to create the designs you want


  • Only suitable for candles

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Finally, we have this fantastic offer for you! This bumper pack of mica powder comes with a huge variety of 60 colors!

There are plenty of choices here for you, so regardless of the design you want to create, you can find the perfect color!

Plus, this affordable pack offers wonderful value for money too, making it ideal for any budget. 

This professional-grade mica powder offers fantastic vibrant colors too. You won’t need a lot of powder to achieve a thick and bright color that will work wonderfully on any soap or candle!

It is also safe for use on soap, and candles, and can even be used to make bath bombs! So should you want to branch out and try different crafts, these powders can be used for them! 

The mica powder arrives in a leak proof bag that helps to reduce any mess. You won’t have to spend ages sweeping or vacuuming up small flecks of powder thanks to these bags!

You also won’t need to worry about them arriving in a mess with powder covering the bags!

The bag design does make it a little tricky to remove the powder though compared to little jars, so make sure you consider this before making your purchase. 

If you decide to purchase these powders, you can enjoy a 1-year, 100% money-back guarantee! So if you aren’t happy with the powders, you can enjoy a full refund, what’s not to love about this fantastic deal?


  • Fantastic value - suitable for every budget 
  • 60 colors to choose from - offers a fantastic variety 
  • Leak Proof bags - reduces mess when you are using or storing the powders 
  • 100% money-back guarantee - allows you to try these powders worry-free!


  • The bags can be tricky to get the powder from compared to little jars

Best Paint For Candles And Soap Buying Guide

Are you unsure what to look for when purchasing paint for candles and soap? Then let our handy buyer’s guide show you the way!

We have included all the features and factors you need to consider when purchasing your paint to ensure it is the best option for you!

Best Paint For Candles And Soap

Type Of Paint

First, you will want to consider the type of paint you are purchasing. There are a few different types of paints you can use that will work with candles and soap.

First, you will want to consider if you want a separate paint for candles and soap or one paint that will work for both materials.

If you are on a budget, we recommend opting for a paint that can be used on both candles and soap to keep your cost down! 

Mica paint is a popular type of paint that can be used for both candles and soap. Mica powder or paint comes in a variety of colors, and it isn’t too expensive either.

You just need to take care when handling mica powder, as it isn’t good for your lungs to inhale large quantities of it.

We recommend wearing a face mask when handling mica powder to be safe! Don’t worry, once applied as paint, mica is safe to handle. 

You can also use acrylic paint for your candles and soap. This is a great option for anyone who has some acrylic paint in their home or studio.

Acrylic paint tends to be an affordable option too, and you can purchase it online and in most craft stores. Just make sure the acrylic paint you have purchased is water-based and non-toxic.

The last thing you want to do is use paint that could harm you or others, especially when they burn the candle!

If you are looking for separate paint for candles, then you can opt for some wax pen sets. These come in a range of colors and can be applied directly to your candle.

The pen makes it easy to dispense the color and is ideal for anyone wanting to create patterns or intricate designs on their candles. You can also choose a liquid dye if you prefer, although these can be a little trickier to use. 

Make sure you consider carefully what type of paint is best for you and your candles and paint before making your purchase. Narrowing down the type of paint you want to use will make searching for your paint a breeze too! 

Multi-Pack Options

Chances are you won’t want all your soaps and candles to be the same color. So be sure to look for multi-pack options when purchasing your paint.

These multi-packs will usually come in a range of colors, giving you plenty of options when it comes to painting your candles and soaps. 

We think it's best to get a multi-pack that has a wide range of colors, that way you can create any color candle or soap you want!

It's also worth looking for sets that come with metallic colors, color-changing paints, or anything else that appeals to you! 

If you are selling these candles and soaps, consider what colors would appeal best to your customers. This will help you cut down on searching time and find the right multipack for you! 

Alternatively, if you only intend to sell candles or soaps in a few colors, it might be better for you to purchase a few colors.

Individual paints can sometimes be cheaper, and it would cut down on waste if you only have colors you intend to use! Make sure you consider this carefully before deciding how many paints you need. 

Drying Time

Before purchasing your paint, make sure you check out how long they take to dry. You can usually find this information listed on the packaging or product information. The drying time will indicate to you how long painting each candle or soap will take. 

This is especially important if you are painting multiple coats, or multiple candles and soaps. After all, you don’t want to waste most of your day waiting for your candles and soaps to dry, do you? 

Opt for paints that boast a fast drying and repainting time, so you can cut down on waiting times and get your finished product on the market quickly.

Even if you aren’t selling your painted candles or soaps, a quick drying time allows you to move on to new crafts and maximize your time. 

Don’t forget to check out customer reviews before making your purchase too! These are good indicators of accurate drying times and will provide you with an unbiased opinion of the product. 

Number Of Coats

You will also want to consider how many coats of paint need to be applied. Are you looking to add some light color to the candle or soap, or you might want a bright and vibrant color that takes a few coats to achieve? 

Often, the paint will state whether you can achieve a thick, block color in one coat, or if you need multiple costs. It’s worth considering how many coats the paint needs to ensure you are making the right choice for you. 

Paints that require more coats will need to be purchased more frequently, so might not be the most cost-effective decision.

However, if you only want to add a light wash of color to your candles or soaps, then these could be a fantastic option for you.

Consider the finish you want and use this to find a paint that offers the level of coverage you want, without needing endless coats of paint. 

Again, the customer review section is a good indicator. Filter reviews by those discussing the number of coats or coverage to refine your search and help you find the best paint for you. 

Appropriate Applicators

It's also worth checking what the best applicator to use with the paint you have chosen is.

It might be that a sponge brush is best for your paint, or a fine, soft-bristled brush. Either way, check to see what the manufacturer recommends you use with the paint. 

If you don’t already have the correct applicator, you will need to factor the cost of purchasing this into your budget.

Thankfully, you can purchase paint brushes for a reasonable price, so if you do need to make another purchase, it shouldn’t impact your budget too much. 


Finally, you will want to consider how much the paint costs. Set a budget when searching for your new paint and stick to it as best as possible. It's worth considering how often you will use the paints.

Is it worth spending a lot of money on paint that won’t be used a lot? Or are you going to treat yourself to the best paint to help boost your business?

Once you have answers to these questions, you will be able to set the best budget for you. 

When it comes to painting for candles and soap these days, there is a wide range of choices out there! There is sure to be paint that suits your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Be sure to check out our FAQ section to answer your last-minute questions before you leave us today! 

Can I Use Acrylic Paint On Candles?

Yes, you can! You will need to use water-based, non-toxic acrylic paint on your candles to prevent anyone from burning or handling the candles from becoming unwell.

The best way to apply acrylic paint to your candles is to use a dabbing motion. 

It can take a little while for the paint to cover the candle, so be sure to be patient! We found acrylic paint applies best when a sponge brush is used rather than a bristle brush. 

How Do I Make Paint Last On Soap?

For best results, you will want to paint several light coats of paint. Use a fine and soft-bristled brush to layer the paint onto your soap, taking care around any carvings you have done.

By applying light layers and allowing the paint to fully dry before adding another layer, you increase the chances of the paint lasting, especially when the soap is being used! 

Annabel Buser