Best Micro Wax

Are you looking for some new micro wax and aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you are looking for a new wax to use in your candle making and aren’t sure if microcrystalline wax is the right choice for you?

Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter what your question might be, we have the answer for you! 

Figuring out what micro wax is the best option for you can be tricky. There are so many options out there, all claiming to be the best, how do you cut through the noise and purchase the right option for you?

You head online for some clarity but are met with conflicting and contradicting advice that leaves you unsure where to turn or who to trust. Disappointed, you start to wonder if you will ever find the right micro wax. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers that you need. Just keep reading to see our top choices of the best micro wax on the market!

We have also included a handy buyer’s guide and FAQ section you can use to narrow down your search and find your new wax today. So without further ado, let’s get into it and see these products now!

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First up, we have this wonderful micro wax from Blended Waxes!

The wax is super versatile and is made of the highest quality, allowing you to use it for a wide range of crafts. 

The wax is perfect for using to make candles, cosmetics, or anything where you need some extra flexibility and tack! 

At a reasonable price, this wax is perfect for most budgets. Plus, you can choose from a multi-pack of 1, 2, or 3 blocks of this wax!

It's ideal for those looking to purchase a large amount of wax for their small business.

If you are looking to make multiple candles, though, we recommend purchasing one of the larger multi-packs, as we found a single block didn’t go very far. 

The block is easy to cut through and break into smaller chunks, and with a melting point of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, you don’t need to purchase any additional equipment to melt it!

Your oven or stove top will do the job! 

Blended Waxes wax is also FDA-compliant and has been certified by the American Society of Testing and Materials, so you know it is safe to use!

They have been making this wax for over forty years too, and have built a reputation for being successful.

So why not relax and put your craft-making in their capable hands? Purchase their wax and you are sure to enjoy the fantastic quality! 


  • Range of multi-pack options - allows you to buy the right amount of wax for you 
  • FDA compliant - making it safe to use in cosmetics 
  • Quality certified - you can use it worry-free 
  • A melting temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit - means you can melt it easily at home without needing extra equipment


  • Need to buy the multi-packs to have enough wax to make multiple candles


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Next, we have one pound of microcrystalline wax from Jacquard! This wax has a slightly more yellow color than others we have looked at today, but works just as well!

The synthetic wax is reasonably priced, making it suitable for most budgets! If you are looking for enough wax to trial using micro wax, or to make a few candles, then this is the one for you! 

The wax features clear instructions on the label, so even beginners can get cracking straight away! The writing is clear to read too and provides you with the assistance you need to get started. 

Jacquard’s wax has a melting point of 175 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you can melt it at home without the need of purchasing any additional equipment.

We found it works best over a stovetop with a thermometer in it so you can keep an eye on the temperature of the wax easily. 

The wax is also super easy to cut through thanks to its flexible nature, so you can melt just the amount you need! We did find it a little tricky to remove the packaging the wax arrives in.

If you have restricted mobility or use of your hands, you might struggle, so be sure to consider this carefully before making your purchase! 


  • Reasonably priced - suitable for most budgets 
  • Clear instructions on the label - allow beginners to use the wax with ease! 
  • Melting temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit - allows you to melt the wax with ease at home 
  • Easy to cut - allows you to melt the amount you need


  • The packaging can be tricky to remove


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If you are after a wonderful value for money, or a large quantity of microcrystalline wax, then TRAUB Supply has the product for you!

Their whooping 11lb of wax is fairly priced, although it can be a little expensive if you are only looking for a small amount of wax. 

But for those looking to stock up on micro wax, or use it for their business, we are sure you will appreciate the wonderful value!

The white, odorless wax, comes in large sheets that you can cut through easily to divide into smaller pieces if needed.

It has a cut-through depth of 26mm, so be sure to have the right materials to cut through it! 

The wax also features 180 degrees Fahrenheit melting point, which means you can melt it at home with ease.

You don’t need to worry about any extra equipment to melt the wax, just make sure you have a pot big enough! 

This is a more expensive option, so be sure to consider your budget carefully and also consider any added costs (like postage) before making your purchase.

We recommend this amount of wax for those using it to make products for their business or side hustle rather than as a hobby. 


  • A large amount of wax - perfect for stocking up your small business
  • Good value for money - get plenty of wax for your dollar!
  • Easy to cut through - allows you to portion the wax easily
  • 180 degree Fahrenheit melting point - can melt the wax easily at home


  • Expensive

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Finally, we have this wonderful bag of pellet-size micro wax for you to enjoy!

The small size of these pellets allows you to add the wax easily to your candles without needing to cut it or wait for ages for it to melt down! 

It does have a higher melt point than other waxes on today’s list (195 degrees Fahrenheit), but once your wax reaches this temperature, it won’t take long for the wax to melt!

You don’t need to add many of these pellets to your candle wax either, 1 or 2 teaspoons for every pound of wax is all you need!

It’s ideal for pillar or taper candles, allowing you to create the candles that you want! 

You can choose from three different-sized bags of wax too, so you can purchase the amount you need. It’s pretty affordable as a 1lb bag, but the larger 55lb bag is super expensive!

It’s better that those looking to make candles as a hobby purchase this bag, rather than those making candles as part of their business. 

The bag the wax pellets come in is resealable too, so you don’t need to worry about pellets escaping while you store the bag!

We recommend this micro wax for candle makers only. If you want micro wax for other uses, we suggest you take a look at our other options! 


  • Affordable - makes it ideal for all budgets 
  • Only need a small amount of wax - ensures that the wax lasts for a long time 
  • Perfect for candle making - allows you to expand your side business or hobby 
  • Resealable bag - ensures the wax remains fresh and doesn’t spill out


Best Micro Wax Buying Guide

Are you unsure what to look for when purchasing micro wax? Then let our buyer’s guide help you! We have compiled a list below that outlines all the factors and features you should consider when purchasing micro wax.

Let’s dive in and look at these features now!

Best Micro Wax


First, you will want to consider the size of the wax you are purchasing. Micro wax is often sold by the pound or kilo, so make sure you check the label or product description carefully to ensure you know how much you are purchasing. 

Consider how much wax you need for your current or future craft. Use this to calculate what size wax you should purchase.

Micro wax is typically sold as a large block, so you can always cut off what you need and save the rest for later. Just be sure you have the correct storage for it to prevent the wax from going bad! 


It is also worth considering the shape of the wax. As we mentioned earlier, you can often purchase the wax as a large block that can be divided up and melted down as required.

However, you can also purchase micro wax in pastille form. These pastilles tend to be small chunks and can be purchased by the pound of a kilo. 

Smaller pastilles tend to be easier to work with. They will melt down quickly and you don’t need to worry about cutting through large blocks of wax to get the amount you need.

You can also weigh the pastilles easily and add them to your mixture with minimal mess. 

However, they can sometimes work out as a more expensive option, as the manufacturer will have to break the wax down into smaller pieces that will melt quickly.

It's worth considering whether the convenience is worth the added cost before making your purchase. 

Multi-Pack Options

Most blocks of micro wax will come with multi-pack options. It is worth looking at these if you want to purchase large quantities of micro wax.

Not only can they offer you better value for money, but they are ideal for anyone using wax to make candles or cosmetics to sell.

By purchasing a multi-pack of wax, you will always have enough to keep up with demand and make your products. 

Product Certification

When purchasing micro wax, be sure to keep an eye out for any certifications it has received.

These prove that the wax you are purchasing is of the highest quality and has met the requirements of the American Society of Testing and Materials.

You should look to only purchase wax that has been certified and tested by this organization. 

You don’t want to use any poorly made wax in your products as it can impact the quality of your final product. Your candles might not burn evenly or your cosmetics might not blend into your skin as you intended.

You don’t want that, especially if you are trying to sell these products as part of a side hustle or business adventure! 

You should also look for products that are made in the USA or EU, as these waxes will have to pass stringent tests before they can be sold on the market.

You don’t want any hidden nasties in your wax that could impact the final product or make you unwell!

Make sure the wax you purchase has been made in a lab in the USA or EU and was certified in the USA so you know it is safe to use!


Micro wax is supposed to be odorless, so make sure you give it a sniff before you purchase it! You shouldn’t be able to smell anything if the micro wax is 100% micro wax and safe for use.

If you are purchasing your wax in-store, make sure to smell it to help you determine whether it is a good quality wax for you to purchase or not. 

If there is an odor, we recommend that you avoid it and purchase a different wax instead. 

For those shopping online, we know smelling the wax beforehand is impossible! Instead, make use of the product description and customer reviews to determine if the wax has a smell or not.

If none of the reviews mention odor, then make sure you purchase wax that comes with a good refund policy or money-back guarantee. 

That way, you can order the wax, smell it before using it, and return it if the wax is not suitable for you! 

Added Extras 

Sometimes, other waxes or oils will be added to micro wax. You must check the ingredients list or label before you make your purchase.

Any additional oils or waxes can impact how your wax burns, and also how it will melt together with other items. 

Whether you are making candles or some cosmetics, you will want to check that any added extras do not impact the final result of your product. You don’t want any added ingredients in there that you don’t want in your final product. 

Thankfully, you can purchase micro wax with no other added ingredients, so for those that purely want micro wax, you can find it easily!

These days ingredient lists are easily accessible online or on the packaging of your wax, so you don’t need to second guess what is included. 

How Much?

Finally, you will want to consider how much the wax costs. Be sure to set a budget before you begin your search and stick to it as best as possible. After all, you don’t want to spend more than you can afford on your wax. 

Consider the size of the wax you are purchasing to ensure you are getting good value for your money. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a small lump of wax that can only make one or two candles.

Alternatively, you don’t want to purchase loads of wax if you only need it for one or two crafts

Consider how much you need and how much you are willing to spend to help narrow your search and find the right wax for you.

Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy some good quality micro wax, there is an option to suit every budget! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to check out our brief FAQ section to get any answers to your last-minute questions today! 

What Is Micro Wax?

Micro wax or microcrystalline wax is a type of wax typically used in skincare, beauty, and fragrance products.

The wax’s purpose is to improve the consistency and texture of the product so it can become thicker or spread easier across the skin. 

The wax can also be used in candles, sculpting, or other crafts! The diverse wax can be purchased online and in craft stores, allowing you to create thick and spreadable cosmetics or candles to enjoy or sell. 

Is Microcrystalline Wax Good?

Yes, microcrystalline wax or micro wax is good! The wax is safe to use in cosmetics and crafts and will help you achieve a thicker consistency, or help to bind other ingredients if needed.

The wax is considered a good one by cosmetic makers and crafters alike, thanks to its ability to change and improve the consistency of products. 

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