How To Create Christmas Ornaments without spending a lot

Tradition states that the fire trees were brought into Christian homes, and decorated in the name of Jesus. Jesus Christ's birth and hanging religious ornaments on a tree was a way to honor the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas tree lights and ornaments represent the stars and planets in the sky.

What is the meaning behind ornaments?

A house ornament represents family shelter and protection, and a bird ornament shows both happiness and joy. A heart ornament means there's true love in the home and an angel ornament asks for God's guidance in the home. A rabbit on the tree symbolizes peace with nature as well.

What is the importance of Christmas decorations to us?

And Christmas lights represent the hope and solace of the savior, a constant comfort that shines even in the dark depths of winter. Of course, those belonging to other religious traditions decorate as part of their faith during the holiday season too.

What is the spiritual meaning of ornament?

An ornament is something that lends grace, beauty, or significance to something, it is a manner or quality that adorns.

What do Christmas balls symbolize?

Christmas balls represent apples hanging on the branches of sacred trees, which were used to make the spirits of nature, and the fertility of the earth return.

What did the Bible say about ornaments?

“Your beauty should not come from outward adornments, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight”

Material required:

The following are contents:

  • A4 size yellow paper
  • A4 size green paper
  • A4 size orange paper
  • A4 size red paper
  • A4 size white paper
  • A4 size blue paper
  • A4 size sky blue paper
  • A4 size pink paper
  • A black ribbon

 Steps to make a 3D Origami Christmas ornament:

  • Take a yellow piece of paper and make several foldings on it.
  • Using scissors, cut the paper into no small pieces into a rectangular form.
  • Take a yellow small piece and fold it into a triangle shape.
  • Make a collection of such stuff of whole colors.
  • Now take white stuff, and put them together in the shape of a star.
  • Now arrange other colors step by step.
  • A ball-shaped ornament will be ready at the end.

  • 3D Origami Christmas ornament Video: Click here

    Christmas ornaments originated in Germany, Christmas tree, Hans Greiner began to make glass Christmas ornaments called baubles during the 1800s. These were the first manufactured Christmas ornaments, and they were a massive commercial success.

    Annabel Buser