How To Make A Muslin Doll – Complex Crafts

It feels as if Muslin dolls have existed forever, and their popularity has only grown over the years.

Despite the technological advancements, they are still handmade products made and gifted to many kids and adults.

How To Make A Muslin Doll – Complex Crafts

So if you are looking for the ideal gift for your child, there’s no better option than to learn how to make a Muslin doll they will love!

What Are Muslin Dolls?

Muslin dolls have become a popular choice for both kids and grownups.

They are squishy and snuggly companions, as opposed to conventional dolls, and when you make them on your own, they can look like anything you want.

You can make them look like anything you want. Arms, legs, and a head are core elements of these dolls, which you can then adorn with clothes and shoes as well as other jewelry.

Muslin dolls are typically made of muslin cotton fabric. They are usually stuffed with recycled material padding. Muslin dolls were primarily intended to be used as kids’ toys.

However, during the past decades, they have become prevalent collectibles and have garnered great attention.

How To Make A Muslin Doll

The reason why muslin dolls are so huggable and lovely as toys are that they have a simple composition and are made of soft materials.

Muslin dolls are typically created by stacking 2 layers of muslin cloth together, cutting them into the shape of a doll, and then sewing them together.

These dolls’ heads can be made from a different piece of cloth. Filled up with either wool or cotton and thereafter stitched onto the dolls’ bodies, for example.

As for how you can then decorate the dolls, that is up to you to decide. Stitching, felting, or simply gluing things on them can all work.

Let’s take a look at how to make a muslin doll:

  • Firstly, pick out an appropriate muslin fabric color.
  • Then, take two pieces of it and cut them into your preferred doll size and shape. Utilize some patterns to improve your cutting.
  • Move on with stuffing the doll with some stuffing materials.
  • Sew the clothes completely.
  • Finish up with the doll’s features (either draw, sew, stitch, or glue things).

Your doll is now ready and you can pack it in a gift box or simply offer it to your kid right away!

The History Of Muslin Dolls

Dolls seem to be the most ancient archaeological documented toy humans played with. Archeologists discovered the earliest dolls inside Egyptian mausoleums. A paddle made of wood was used to make the doll that is thought to have been around since 2000 B.C.

As the world evolved and different civilizations, like Romans, started making their dolls, new materials such as clay and rags were introduced.

Muslin dolls constitute a category of dolls that have existed for hundreds of years. Muslin was invented in Dhaka, Bangladesh, but these stuffed dolls first became available for purchase on the market in the 1700s.

However, it wasn’t long before they gained great popularity. These dolls were typically handcrafted and were frequently offered to kids as presents.

They are still handmade nowadays and their popularity hasn’t faded away. So, while they are already quite special as handmade gifts, making them on your own makes them even more unique.

How To Make A Muslin Doll – Complex Crafts

Muslin Doll Pattern

In case you are searching for a doll pattern that everyone will love, then you need to look no further than a classic Muslin Doll pattern.

The classic pattern of this doll is easy to understand and follow and you can find it in the majority of the older sewing books.

Their pattern is not meant to be too complex and you can choose from a variety of different styles. Typically, most people make Muslin dolls of light to medium weight.

If you find it easier to watch videos that will take you through the making of a doll step-by-step, then you can watch some like this one from Crafty Girl Shirin on YouTube.

Muslin Doll Body And Clothing

The bodies of the muslin dolls are made of muslin clothing and shoes. Muslin is a delicate cotton cloth that’s also gentle on children’s skin. As a result, it really is perfect for making dolls with simple equipment.

Muslin dolls are typically undressed or dressed simply, so don’t put too much thought into it unless you are a perfectionist.

Once you have the pattern and start making the doll, you can choose to leave it as it is or add some clothes on the doll that you can make using muslin or any other material you want.

You can paint or sow some eyes, hair, a mouth, or any other characteristics you want. As for the clothing, you can choose from a dress to a skirt with a shirt or even dungarees!

Tips And Tricks

Sprinkle Some Water

Many people struggle with making smooth necks for their muslin dolls. That is because once stitching such a doll with a head and a torso together, the stuffed material wants to escape through the small section.

The first thing we suggest is for you to use wool to stuff the doll as it will stay better in place. However, the best trick is to spritz the cloth with some water before stuffing it!

Use A Needle

Another way to help with keeping the stuffing inside is to sculpt the doll on the outside with a needle. That way you can move the stuffed material into the smaller cavities where there’s no stuffing.

Wash The Muslin Before You Use It

Before you start making the doll and get to cutting the cloth in a doll shape, wash it first. Muslin is washable so you won’t have any problem with that.

The reason why you should wash it though is that muslin shrinks, so getting it washed before using it will help you avoid gifting it to your kid and getting a doll less than half the size it originally was after the first time you wash it.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have given you some advice and instructions on how to make your Muslin doll so all you have to do is pick a pattern, choose how you will dress and decorate it and start making one!

Annabel Buser