15 Best Cardboard Crafts to Try Today

When it comes to arts and crafts, there is plenty that you can do with cardboard. Besides, there are many cardboards lying around which you can utilize for creating just about everything. You will be amazed by the variety of cardboard crafts and the ease with which you can create them. It is very much possible to transform used cardboard boxes and make mater pieces. No matter how artsy you might be, here are some of the best cardboard crafts that are worth trying out. 

Cardboard Art and Crafts

To start off our list of cardboard crafts, the easiest option is Cardboard Art and Crafts. If you prefer something that takes up minimal time, you have to give it a try. It requires simple drawing and cutting. You can’t go wrong with this cardboard craft. It can be made with chalk colors and cardboard sheet. Make sure that you trace the picture onto the cardboard sheet and cut around the outline to create a shape. You can use various colors to add beauty.

Useful Cardboard Crafts

Now, if you want the cardboard craft to make your life easier, you can try out the useful cardboard crafts. It is both entertaining and useful. For instance, you can use it as a book holder for holding all your books. To create the cardboard craft, you just need a cardboard box, glue, gift paper, scissors, and cardboard sheet. Once you are done, the books will fit perfectly.

Fun Cardboard Crafts

Have some fun and create a cardboard craft in the process with fun cardboard crafts. It is perfect for everyone, especially if you have kids. The materials you will need include scissors, a marker, a scale, brush pens, and a cardboard sheet. To get started, you must first draw a large circle on a cardboard sheet and cut along the lines. Make sure to color each section a different color.

Cardboard Craft Ideas

Have an egg carton lying around? You can use it to create a beautiful craft in no time. Besides, it will allow your kids to try out something different for a change. Other items that you will need include scissors and watercolors. Do add contrasting colors to bring it to life.

Cardboard Tree Craft

For those of you who have a thing for nature, you can try out cardboard tree craft. It is easy to make and will fit perfectly in your kitchen. To make the craft, you need glue, scissors, blue pens, colored sheets, and a cardboard sheet. You must make a roll out in the cardboard sheet to give it some character.

Cardboard Dinosaur Craft

In addition to the above, you can even create a cardboard dinosaur craft. It is something your kids will love. You can add different colors to add even more beauty. Besides, you will only need to use scissors, glue, poster colors, colored sheets, and cardboard sheet. However, it can be tricky to draw different dinosaurs.

Cardboard Clock Craft

Teach your little ones about time with the wall clock cardboard craft. It is both informative and fun. You will be able to create it in no time using scissors, a marker, glue, color papers, and cardboard sheet. Do make big circles so that you have an easy time seeing what time it is.

Wall Hanging with Cardboard

Wall Hanging with Cardboard is a cost-effective cardboard craft that you can never go wrong with. Your kids will definitely require some guidance to bring it to life. The materials it requires include crystals, scissors, glue, colored paper, and cardboard sheet. You must draw three different circles and get coloring.

Cardboard Christmas Crafts

There is nothing kids love more than Christmas. Bring on the cheer and fun with Cardboard Christmas Crafts. You should be able to make a Christmas tree easily and get some ornaments for it. In order to create it, you need different types of buttons, glitter pens, sketch pens, scissors, and a cardboard sheet.

Simple Cardboard Crafts

In addition to the above, you can try out Simple Cardboard Crafts. It is the ideal option to get your kids interested in the world of arts and crafts. The materials you need are scissors, glue, brush pens, color paper, and toilet rolls. You are going to need to cover the toilet rolls over the color paper.

Homemade Easy Cardboard Crafts

There is a lot that you can do at home including making Homemade Easy Cardboard Crafts. If you have free time on your hands and want to entertain yourself or your kids, you can create this aquarium craft in no time. You only require scissors, glue, color paper, a showbox, cotton, seashells, and pebbles. The pebbles will have to be placed at the bottom of the box. You can even add some seashells to the mix.

Car Cardboard Box Crafts

Who doesn’t love cars? You need to create a Car Cardboard Box Crafts as kids will want to play with it. Make sure to use a strong cardboard box for the crafts. Other materials you will need include small paper plates, colored paper, cardboard boxes, glue, and scissors.

Cardboard Castle Craft:

Another great cardboard crafts idea that you will want to try out is Cardboard Castle Craft. It will allow you to bond with your kids and make special memories. You are going to need a big cardboard box for it as well as some cylindrical rolls and a rectangular cardboard box.

Small Cardboard Box Crafts

On the other hand, if you have small cardboard boxes, you can make a Small Cardboard Box Crafts. It is rather useful and can be used for storing items. You can make it using gift paper, glue, and four small cardboard boxes.

Lamp Light Craft with Cardboard Boxes

Lastly, you can make Lamp Light Craft with Cardboard Boxes. It is suitable for both adults and children. However, your kids will need to be supervised when using an electric light. As there are only three things needed such as an LED light, a cutter, and a cardboard box, you can expect to be done in no time.

Annabel Buser