15 Best Jenga Block Crafts to Try Today

If you thought Jenga blocks were just pieces of wood, then boy are we about to prove you wrong!

Technically, yes, Jenga blocks are just wooden blocks but they can be so much more. You see, Jenga block crafts are becoming increasingly popular and we even went and made a list of our favorite Jenga block crafts, just for you! So, don’t wait around – try these crafts while they’re still hot and trending because we promise each one is better than the first!

Wooden Jewelry

Everyone loves jewelry and thus, we would never pass up a chance to enjoy some free jewelry. Hence, we suggest that if you have a few extra Jenga blocks lying around, make them useful by turning them into a pendant and attaching a little chain to complete the necklace. It looks super chic and trendy and there’s actually no reason for you to not try it!

Memory Game

Have you played the memory game growing up?

Well, then you absolutely need to make your own version of it using this Jenga block craft idea! How? Just paint the same design/shape on every two Jenga blocks, turn them upside down, and put your memory to the test. We promise it will be just like old times!

Customized Keychains

Just like we made a pendant necklace with Jenga blocks, we can also make customized keychains. Write your name, a quote, or maybe even draw something on them – basically customize them as you like. In fact, they would also make a wonderful gift for someone special. So, if you have some Jenga blocks to spare and want to try a Jenga block craft, this is the one you should start with!

Wall Art

We love affirmations because they just have such a calming effect. And you know what? You should definitely write affirmative words on Jenga blocks and hang them in your room to give yourself a daily dose of positivity. Not to mention, it’s effortless and would make a great home décor element as well.

Key Holder

Another excellent idea is to horizontally hang a Jenga block on your wall, then add a few hooks to make a key holder for all your important keys. It's both useful and doesn't cost anything. So, we suggest you try this Jenga block craft right away!

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments can be super expensive but don’t worry because you can just make your own using some Jenga blocks – no kidding. Just grab some paint and a paintbrush and get designing your own wooden ornaments that will last you a good few years. Plus, of course, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a good old handmade Christmas ornament!

DIY Planter

You can also make cutesy planters for your indoor plants using Jenga blocks. It would add a beautiful modern touch to your home and you can even paint it to match the theme of your room. So, we guarantee that it would make an absolutely wonderful addition to just about any space.

Necklace Rack

Like a key holder, you can also turn your Jenga blocks into a necklace rack where you can hang all your necklaces in plain view. This means you’ll be able to see them all at once and go with whatever complements your outfit the most. And no, you won’t have to stuff everything into an old-fashioned jewelry box either. Hence, if you love jewelry, you just need to make a necklace rack for yourself – we promise it’s worth the time and effort!

Flower Vase

Speaking of Jenga block crafts, a flower vase is also a good home décor idea. Just stack the Jenga blocks on top of each other to build a cute little vase and put in some fresh flowers to complete the look. Though, of course, you can always just use artificial flowers because they’ll last longer.

Wooden Lantern

You can also create a Jenga case around a candle and use it as a sort of wooden lantern. It's super easy to make and definitely one of the best Jenga block craft ideas if you ask us. Thus, if you’re into arts and crafts, this is exactly what your next project should be!

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

Jenga blocks are also great for making adorable little tabletop wooden Christmas trees. Just stack them on top of each other in a criss-cross fashion and glue them together to form the tree. What’s more, you can even paint it green to make it into the perfect Christmas tree.

Number Blocks

Who said Jenga is just a game?

Because you can also use the blocks as an educational tool to help your child learn their numbers and ABCs. Just mark each block with numbers and alphabets and help your kids learn faster with the visual aid. Literally, all you need to execute this Jenga block craft is a marker -so it’s definitely worth a try!

Tea Coaster

You can also make tea coasters by joining three to four blocks together. In fact, you should make a whole set of 6 or 12 tea coasters. Paint them a solid color or design them as you like. Plus, you can also gift it to someone special – because personalized gifts don’t get any better than this!

Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Jenga block jewelry boxes are yet another effortless craft idea that you totally need to try. So, bring out the artist in you and get crafting with Jenga blocks – we promise it’s fun!

DIY Family Game

With this Jenga block craft family game, we definitely saved the best for last! Basically, write little truth-and-dare type notes on your Jenga blocks and stack them in a tower formation with the written part facing the inside. Then take turns picking out blocks and answering the questions or executing the dares. Who knew Jenga could be played like this!

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