How to make an Origami Santa Sleigh

Sleighs are used for transportation in colder climates. Making it more accessible to barrel across snow and ice as they have two runners on the bottom instead of wheels. A sleigh is a sled that's pulled by horses. In the case of Santa, by reindeer. A sleigh is usually huge enough for two passengers to ride in.


Think about this… Santa has about 31 hours to do this, thanks to time zone differences meaning it is the night at different places in the world at different times. Santa's sleigh has to move at a speed of around 1,800 miles per second, there are about 2.5 billion children in the world.

Reindeer are disease-free as well and that means Santa has to cross national and international boundaries without restriction. Reindeer have many advantages over other livestock, for pulling Santa Claus's sleigh, to make them the perfect choice.

Sleigh bells have had many uses in modern times. They became a sign of status and wealth; decorations on horse harnesses owner. They were viewed as good luck. Awards against evil and injury.

Material required for 3D ORIGAMI SANTA SLEIGH:

The orange color paper size of 15*15cm


  • Take the paper and turn the corners.
  • Make a sleigh pattern.
  • Fold it further as described in the video.
  • Make a pair of sleigh cuts
  • Cut out the sleigh pattern
  • Draw a couple of straight lines
  • Cut out the sleigh
  • Make a seat
  • the sleigh is ready


A sleigh bell is a type of bell which produces a distinctive 'jingle' sound, especially in large numbers, and finds use in many areas as a percussion instrument, including the classic sleigh bell sound and morris dancing. They are a cheaper alternative to small 'classic' bells.

From Modern Dutch slee, from Middle Dutch sledded, and ultimately from Proto-Germanic *slidô. Doublet of the sled and further related to slide. Reindeer have always held a special place in the traditions of the Arctic, from the Sámi in northern Scandinavia, from the epic poetry of the Finns to people around the world. The first mention of Santa's sleigh is attributed to the author Clément Clarke Moore, in his poem “The visit of Saint Nicolas” (or “The night before Christmas”)as it was published, in 1823 in an American newspaper, for the first time.

Annabel Buser